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We are pioneered Global Consulting Firm in data analytics and BI, focused on the unique needs of our clients. We help small to medium size companies with end to end strategy, consultation and implementation of Data Analytics and BI solutions.

We provide customized solutions to help each business to overcome their data problems, all the way from data extraction, to reporting, and ongoing support.

We understand that every business has its unique data needs, but they have common challenges when it comes to adopting a data-driven approach.

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Our Services


Tableau/Qlik Sense

We would provide help with advanced features of Tableau/Qlik Sense i.e., Automating the deployment process using Python Scripts, Integrating Predictive Models with Qlik Sense etc.


Tableau/Qlik Sense

Using leading BI tools, our dashboard consulting experts allow you to easily obtain snapshot views of your sales, marketing, financial and other departmental data.


Tableau/Qlik Sense

Support your organization in developing BI and self-service analytics capabilities to enable data-driven decision-making. Support and maintain your BI environment.


Sales & Profit Analysis
Sales by Region

The sales by region radial bar chart tells you, in an interactive way that how much revenue is being generated for all products categories ("Furniture", "Office Supplies" and "Technology") in each region. It's a great way to see which region are generating the most money for your business. It also shows the percentage of total sales by region. This type of visualization provides boardroom-quality presentations of information With this visualization you can increase your products in the regions of most sales. It shows that west region has highest sales and the south region have lowest sales revenue. Dashboards also provide KPIs - key performance indicators which allow users to quickly identify key performing sales and profit ratios in comparison to prior year and line graph for latest year sales and profit trends.

Likert Scale Survey Dashboard

This Dashboard represent the Likert scale results in an insightful way against each question/statement. Pie chart shows the percent of total responses against each scale (1 to 5) with 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree. The table shows the value, scale, percent of each value and counts of value with interactive visualization of bars.

COVID-19 Around the Globe

This dashboard presents the COVID-19 disease cases and deaths rate in an interactive way to show their increasing trend around the globe. The proportional symbol map shows the no. of cases and deaths by country using two buttons to interchange maps. The KPIs and list shows no. of total cases/deaths and cases/deaths in each country. Line chart display the information of increasing trend of deaths and cases globally.